Traveling to South America w/ gear

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    Feb 13, 2014
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    I got lucky enough to be asked to join a small independent film crew to go to South America to shoot aerials for a film. I did some research on here regarding Lipo rules/restrictions, and found it all to be very helpful (Here for any future searches: Looks like I'll ship half and carry on the small ones.

    However, I just want to see if anyone has and experience flying into South America, specifically Bogota, Columbia and/or Lima, Peru. I will most likely be flying into Lima since we think they may be a little more welcoming to an American with an octocopter plus gear. Then we'll drive over borders to Bolivia, Chile, and Paraguay. Has anyone dealt with these areas and traveling with expensive aerial gear? We have equipment and medical insurance, and locals as part of the team, so I feel like we will be ok.

    Any tips or tricks are much appreciated, and/or any references in the area. Thanks guys!
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    Jun 10, 2014
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    wish i saw this before, but curious if you have some feedback after your trip. I've been out to ecuador / peru, not with birds, but had some good experiences and also our vehicle got broken into on one trip. thank god for NPPA insurance!

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