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    Aircraft Type:CS8
    Gimbal Type:2 axis
    Radian Type ( 1, 2 , 3 axis)1,2 axis
    Gimbal Power source: from futabas`s channel 8 r6208sb
    Gimbal Radio Type:futaba t8fg
    Radian Communication Protocol (S.Bus)

    Connections: Change these to match your setup

    Roll Sensor:
    1. Channel 8 futaba r6208sb
    3.To tilt Sensor
    4. To Roll Servo

    Tilt Sensor:
    1. From roll sensor
    3. To tilt Servo

    Hi, rigth now i'm single operator using CS8 with dii-wookong. I power the radian using the channel 8 from the futaba r6208sb and the wookong is connected in the s.bus

    I dont know how assign channel , for example 6 channel, to control the tilt movement, i undersatnd i have to use it on stabilized move's mode

    By the moment i want to keep in the single operator mode


    Juan Pablo IMG_2741.JPG IMG_2742.JPG IMG_2743.JPG

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    Hi Juan:
    You should not have Port 3 on the Tilt Radian sensor connecting to the tilt Servo -- it should be connect to Port 4.

    There are two concepts you need to bear in mind:

    Slew Mode: This is the control over whether the Radians are controlling the servos or not. There are three modes: Off (no stabilization at all), Fixed Position Stabilized (the Radian's hold the camera in a fixed position), and Stabilized Slew (where you can control where the camera points).

    You will need two different RC channels:
    1. One to control whether the Radians are stabilizing the gimbal or not. (Slew Mode)
    2. One to control the Slew (the actual motion) for the tilt axis.
    (Note: Most people do not assign a channel to control the Slew of the roll axis, but just let the Radian sensor hold it horizontal -- but you will need to control the Slew Mode).

    Have you connected up the Radian software to each individual Radian and set them so that the Slew Mode control is on Channel 6 for both the tilt and the roll sensors? Note you must connect to each sensor individually -- you cannot connect to one and then try and program the other.

    Assuming you have connected to each sensor one after the other and set them both to respond to say, Channel 6 for the Slew Mode, you will also need to assign another channel for the tilt Slew (that is that actual tilting not the Mode control).

    Then you will need to look in the manual for your transmitter -- I'm afraid I don't know which transmitter you're using -- to find out how you assign channels six and seven to the transmitter controllers you want. On my 8FG Super it's via the Function menu.

    Hope this helps.

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