Things I miss moving from Alta 8 to Alta X

Discussion in 'ALTA X' started by Ben Ellingson, Jul 31, 2021.


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  1. Ben Ellingson

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    Hey guys, curious to know if anyone has the same gripes as I and wondering if anyone has come up with solutions to remedy. I love my Alta X but have been disappointed with everything but speed, flight times and payload...

    Here's my short list of issues, in order of importance:

    1.) Unstable footage. Gimbals with integrated landing gear (Movi pro & Ronin 2) are shaky at most speeds over 10 mph. So far the best improvement I've found is to remove the gear and land on the arms, on a platform. Top mounting seems to be the best but most of the time we are tracking vehicles so this can't usually be done. It's sad to have to post stabilize shots that didn't need it on Alta 8.

    2.) Missing dynamics settings like kinematic, max G and Max GPS speed. I miss the fine level of control that was available on Alta 8. Alta X feels super knotchy in all modes when compared to the original Alta 8 with Synapse FC. I've been able to tune altitude settings to make the X feel a little better but it'd be nice if the attitude and speed setting could be adjusted in the flight controller, preferably assigned to a slider or dial... Am I missing something?

    3.) Terrible stock control range. The single Futaba RX would disconnect around 2000' away. Sometimes even less, which would trigger a RTH. I've fixed this with a 900mhz BFD Systems Horus TX Mod, so it's no issue now, but I figured I'd list it since a lot of folks have likely been dissatisfied with range. Freefly should offer this as a factory package.

    'Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

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