The Movi & RED Camera's Hydrogen One Phone

Discussion in 'Movi Technical' started by Rorick Edge, Aug 31, 2018.

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    As you may know, RED has been developing a phone, called Hydrogen One, that incorporates the company's camera technology.

    Freefly, in one of the recent six part series of Movi tutorials, said that a RED representative was able to balance a Hydrogen One prototype on the Movi. This is interesting because the Hydrogen One is quite large and relatively heavy.

    RED, after long delays, is finally shipping a limited number of the phones. Marques Brownlee has his hands on one and has just uploaded an unboxing video. He says that he’ll be uploading photos to Twitter and will be making more videos, focused on the dual cameras:

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    I have one one order since the first day Rorick but I missed the opportunity to be in the houdini group. I did reach out to Phil Holland and let him know that we are very interested in developing software and hardware for Hydrogen if they have a unit they can send to us! I am beyond excited to shoot with it!

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    I was actually just thinking that Apple (or anyone else) should make a no compromise video camera recording device using the mobile phone form factor. Everything would be focused on great video including long battery life, removable memory card slot, or large internal storage and would work brilliantly with stabilizers like the Movi etc.

    Have it still connect to your iPhone as an external camera and allow instant transfer of photos---without notifications, messages popping up etc. while filming since the camera is not also my phone.

    And this thread reminded me that the Red Hydrogen exists.

    Maybe I'm not so hung up on the iOS platform as I thought, and open to adding something like this.

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