The art of the possible

Discussion in 'Camera Mount Misc' started by Gary Haynes, Jun 25, 2013.

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    One of the Freefly Distributors, Cédric, at looked at what he had and built a solution for hand holding an existing 3 axis gimbal using Radians, maximizing his investment. While he says he isn't a movie maker here's his video and BTS. His background note said "Everything made with Freefly system (clamps, press nuts,...) I wil had some Moto handle instead of foam one because when you will have to carry a 2kg payload plus the rig and the cinestar 3 axes and the battery, and the monitor... it will be a massive weight."

    Nice job Cedric! Get in touch with him if you want further information.

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    That's pretty damn impressive. I was wondering how they did that pass from one floor to the next. Wow.

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