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Discussion in 'Freefly Tero' started by Evan Wright, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Hey Guys!

    I've had a TERO for about 5 months now and i'm loving it. There are a ton of great mods you can do to it to make it go faster and smoother over surfaces. I'll list those below in a few. I am trying to order more isolator springs for the tero and FreeFly does not sell them. Anyone else find a good spot to do buy them? Here are a few mods I did.

    1. Running two 4s batteries in series makes the whole set up a hell of a lot faster and more responsive. (I've gotten the cart up to 64mph with a M15 on it with my Helium sensor.

    2. Buying better struts for the car is a must. The big BORE kit is the way to go and here's the link for that (http://www.davesmotors.com/innovative-rc-big-bore-shocks-for-hpi-baja-5b-5t-5sc.html). Daves Motors has everything 1/5th scale related and is one of very few distributors of the B5 chassis.

    There's a few things you can noodle at.

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