Tattu Plus 10000mAh Battery Workflow

Discussion in 'MōVI XL' started by Vinnie Laraway, Jul 19, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to see what you guys are doing for safety and longevity with your LiPo batteries. I stumbled across this video
    and it was pretty helpful in terms of putting the batteries in storage mode without needing the charger, and showing you error codes.

    I had two nearly full batteries that I put into storage mode and after about a day or so it doesn't give me any indication they're still in storage mode. I hold down the button and it flashes white on the top 2 LED's 5 times. I'm trying to understand how a fully charged battery, by holding the read-out button for 3 seconds, will put the cells into storage mode.

    Also, if the batteries are in storage mode, do you charge two the night before the job, and charge the replacements while you shoot? Just trying to find a safe workflow. Don't think showing up to set with all batteries in storage mode is a good idea... Or is it? When you take them out of storage mode do they return to the previous charge?
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    Hmm. That is puzzling. I can only assume that putting the battery into storage mode is a manual way of starting the "intelligent self-discharge" that is mentioned later in the video. That is, the battery management circuit ("BMC") has a load resistor that it can apply across the LiPo to slowly discharge the battery and take the cells down to storage voltage. It seems that the BMC either does that automatically after a specified time period or you can manually trigger it.

    However, that process probably takes several days as the dummy load resistor has to dissipate a lot of energy and would get way too hot if it tried to act too fast -- you might need to leave the battery in "Storage Mode" for a longer time before you see the cell voltages dropping.

    I'd charge all the batteries up fully the day before the shoot -- this will also reveal if you have have issues with the batteries. There is no way a LiPo at storage voltage (which I presume is where they end up when the Storage Mode has done its thing) will magically re-charge itself.

    That said, your question might be best asked of Tattu or the gentleman who made the video....perhaps Storage Mode is not what I think it is based on what he says.


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