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    Hi Everybody
    Today I tried to do a test an hyper lapse video with my movi pro target mode feature. As in the instruction i went out, reaching a good satellite coverage (9-10), set my heading assist to compass, set my declination to 2 (i'm in Italy) and tapped the target slider...what happened surprised me, the MoviPro started to point to a random direction, than it looked like it follow that direction, as i aspected from target mode, but il looks like it's impossible to set that direction... has anyone tried the target mode and could advice me on how to properly use it?
    many thanks

    To Freefly: When do you think the mimic target mode you claim in the features of the MoviPro will be relased? Cause you had time to relase the MoviXL, the Movi Pro Carbon, The bush pilot, the movi remote focus unit, a lot of brand new stuff to sell, but you didn't already fixed the stuff you already selled to people!
    I'm one of the most freefly fan here in italy and maybe one of the first owner of the freefly product in Italy and in Europe, but i'm starting to be tired about have a such a piece of technology, with a lot of feature claimed against chinese competitor, but cannot using it because they are just in your plan and in your marketing pdf's, but still not working on field!
  2. Arturo,

    We do see in our support ticket system you contacted us in mid-February 2017, asking about target mode using the Mimic.

    My response to you was the following...

    "Thank you for contacting Freefly and MoVI tech support. Unfortunately 'target mode' using the Mimic as the "target" is currently unavailable, as it has a small bug that renders it very unstable. I assure you we are working hard to resolve the situation and provide a fix, as soon as possible, that will be released in a future firmware update. You can however, use the 'target here' option using the MoVI itself as it is fully active and functional.

    Please be aware that any form of the 'Target' mode feature accessible in the app, requires a constant and strong GPS signal to function properly, so factors such as weather, solar flare activity, RF interference, etc., can affect GPS signal strength, and 'Target Here' performance.

    Please contact us at for any further questions.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.
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    Thanks for posting, Chris -- and at 9:54 PM!


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