Sukaterbang: Showreel 2012 - 2013 EPIC! :)

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    Sukaterbang: Showreel 2012 - 2013

    UAV unit :
    - RC Heli JRporo GSR260z - DJI Ace One , full waypoint system
    - Hexacopter DJI S800 - DJI WKM

    Gimbal : DJI Zenmuse Z15
    Camera : Sony Nex7

    We are equipped by the qualitative technology of remote control helicam to provide a high quality aerial shots. Shooting the perspective of the air used to be very difficult and very expensive. It is now possible with the equipment, experience and our new technology. Our helicam technology brings digital SLR cameras to produce aerial photographs and video quality with high resolution. We are capable of shooting diverse varieties of terrain including hard scape, water, sand, trees, canyons, ravines etc. We have extensive knowledge of Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography in Jakarta,Indonesia & Asia Region.
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