Spektrum D7S for which functions with M15 and M10

Discussion in 'MōVI M15' started by Daniel Velluet, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Jul 26, 2013
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    We received our M15 through the upgrade program. We thus have M10 and M15 and one console spektrum D7S which functions with M10.

    How must one parameterize the console spektrum D7S for which functions with M15 and M10?

  2. Andy Johnson-Laird

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    Hi Daniel:
    The channel assignments are described in the documentation for the M15 on page 03-27 -- the numeric value is the channel number. The negative sign indicates that you need to reverse the sense of the control. The M10 channel information is on 04-24.

    The DX7 manual is not particular clear as to which control is on which channel, but if you power on the transmitter and press the thumbwheel once, scroll down one click, and press the thumbwheel again, it takes you into the Servo Setup. Then you can see the channels 1-7 (with 1 at the top). The abbreviations to the left after
    Throttle (1)
    Aileron (2)
    Elevator (3)
    Rudder (4)
    Gear (5)
    Aux1 (6)
    Aux2 (7).

    The DX7s manual will show you which channel corresponds to which switches.


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