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    Jan 15, 2014
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    I bought the DX8 with my Movi M5 but used it less then 10 times. I bought a Mimic and find it works much better for me in remotely operating the Movi.

    Selling the DX8 + all included accessories. It has all the labels that Freefly placed on it still.

    • The DX8 itself
    • Charger + all adapters
    • Neck strap
    • Manuals, stickers, box.
    • (The allen wrench in the photo will not be included)
    Optionally I can sell the component that was on the Movi. I have removed it and I don't see myself finding a use for it.

    Selling for $170 or best offer. Shipping not included. Buyer chooses shipping options.

    WP_20160731_13_42_04_Raw.jpg WP_20160731_13_41_29_Raw.jpg

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