SONY FDR AX(P)P33 4K camcorder

Discussion in 'Cameras' started by Pål Forus, Mar 7, 2015.

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    We have been flying the SONY FDR AX100 4K cam for a while. It produces great images but the big downside is that it does not allow video out when shooting in 4K. Regular HD works fine. Thus, we made a mod where we filmed the lcd screen using a small cmos cam in a box while flying the Octo. Not optimal, but at least we could monitor the image.

    Now SONY has released the FDR AX33 (AXP 33 in Europe). I am really eager to try this cam as it has BOSS stabilization. The decision point will be regarding the ability to stream live video out, through the A/V-out or Multiport while filming in 4K.

    Anyone knows if this cam provides the video out in 4K mode, real time?


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