SOLD - CineGears Wireless Ghosteye 400M Wireless Video Kit (2 Tx & 2 Rx + Patch)

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    For sale is our CineGears Wireless Ghosteye 400M wireless video kit complete with 2 sets of Tx & Rx and a patch antenna array. We used this system as our primary wireless system for drone operations until recently because of its exceptional range and stability, and un-noticeable latency. The transmitter has mounting points which allow use with movi pro and ignite digi accessories as well as studio camera builds. This kit comes with everything you need for professional wireless video no matter what kind of setup you run.

    • Wireless HD video transmission kit, SDI and HDMI up to 1080p 60fps 10-bit 4:2:2 with no compression
    • Broadcast video and audio up to 800 meters / 2624 feet (line of sight) over 5GHz frequencies.
    • Time Code supported.
    • Transmit to up to 4 receivers (of any Ghost-Eye model) on separate channels with <1ms latency (no frames dropped).
    • Water and mist proof, shock proof production case with form insert ready for traveling.
    • Built-in LCD screen displays for device and signal status.
    • Wide range power voltage input (11-17V) adapts to most kinds of camera batteries, optional Standard V-mount, Variety mount, or ΒΌ bolt Mount battery plate can be installed.


    2 x CineGears Wireless Ghosteye 400M Transmitter

    2 x CineGears Wireless Ghosteye 400M Receiver

    1 x CineGears Wireless Ghosteye 400M Patch Antenna w/ Baby Pin Mount

    2 x D-Tap -> 2-Pin Lemo Right-Angle Power Cable for Tx or Rx

    4 x AC Power -> 2-Pin Lemo Power Cable for Tx or Rx

    13 x CineGears Wireless High-Gain Antenna

    3 x Cinegears Wireless Mushroom Antenna

    6 x Cinegears Patch Antenna Connection Cables

    3 x V-Lock Battery Mount Attachment

    ASKING $3,000 - CONTACT JAKE at


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