Skyjib x8 Heavy Lift

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    Skyjib X8 Heavy Lift

    This is a custom built Skyjib X8 Heavy Lift

    8x KDE 5215XF 435

    Flight Controller:

    MK 2.5 FC
    Navi Ctrl 2.1
    GPS 2.1 + External Compass
    Mavlink Telemetry for Jeti Protocol

    Hercules III ESC (and I will include an entire second Hercules III board in the package for a backup)

    Custom boom mount battery plates

    Perfect for MoVI M5 combinations.

    Asking $2500 usd obo || $3500 AUD

    Buyer pays shipping - located in Sydney, Australia. Can be broken down for shipping.

    - Willing to sell KDE, ESC, or FC Stack separately. PM me





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