RT Motion Mk3.1 Lens Control System, FIZ, UK

Discussion in 'Sale / Trade' started by Dan Wilson, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Dan Wilson

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    Jan 16, 2016
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    Hey guys, we have a 'used once' RT Motion Mk3.1 Lens Control Systems for sale.
    The whole Focus, Iris, Zoom kit. Controller, receiver, 3 motors and the cables and a few spares/extras.
    Everything is in working order, no damage to any of it. We did have it mounted on a Movi M15 and it worked fine, good signal from the controller and nice precise movements too.

    The Kit includes:

    RT Motion Mk3.1 Controller (with force stick zoom)
    x3 Motors Mk3.1
    RT Motion Mk3.1 Receiver
    RT Motion Run Stop cable ARRI (still sealed)
    RT Motion Run Stop cable RED (still sealed)
    x3 RT Motion 4pin - 4pin Lemo motor cable
    x2 RT Motion 4pin -RA4pin Lemo motor cable
    RT Motion Hi-rose power - bare wires (un-ended)
    x3 RT Motion motor bracket
    RT Motion receiver bracket
    RT Motion white focus disc
    LP-E6 Charger
    x3 LP-E6 battery
    RT Motion custom Pelican Case

    Everything that's in the picture.

    https://ibb.co/gMZahk (full size image)

    £6,000 inc. VAT

    UK sale would be preferred.

    Give me a message if you're interested.

  2. Robert MCgregor

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    Jan 13, 2014
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    Hey Dan,

    Did you manage to sell this kit?

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