Roll axis problem with Tilta Amor Man 2

Discussion in 'MōVI M15' started by Marco Eisenbarth, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Nov 24, 2016
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    Hi everyone,

    I just discovered a problem with the roll axis that occured on some material I shot a couple of days ago.
    I hat the epic-w with wireless focus and a Bolt 300 on the M15.

    For the first time I used the Armor Man 2 as a support.
    I noticed that I needed to adjust the way I move a little. Took me a couple of minutes to figure it out.
    So...I put everything together and hit auto tune. all good so far. Values were around 160-190 as far as I remember. Reviewing the shot I noticed that the tilt axis would bounce a bit. The Pan axis also seemed a bit lose.
    So I bumped up tilt and pan to around 220-225. The roll axis stayed where it was.
    Everything looked really really smooth. When I just sat down with the editor looking at those shots I almost lost it. The roll axis now tips over to left and right. Not constantly like it was lose but every couple of seconds. This is really frustrating since it makes parts of the material simply not usable.

    Does anyone of you have a clue where the error might be?
    Is it because the roll axis wasn't stiff enough?
    Is it maybe because tilt and pan were TOO stiff compared to the roll axis?
    Does it maybe have something to do with the way I adjusted to armor man?

    I'll run a couple of test tomorrow and hopefully find out but maybe some of your had similiar problems and can help.

    Thank you


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