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    Hey Guys,

    last december i bought the M5.
    Indoors everything works perfectly (while indoors I was not connected to GPS) and I am very very happy with it.
    But as soon as i get outside i have to following problem:
    When I pan the Movi to do a 90° turn or even more the camera is tilting and rolling and don't holding the position.
    (tilt is locked and I was in Majestic Pan).
    This isn't just 1° or so its way more, I would say around 10-15° even more sometimes.
    If I restart the Movi it seems to work but only for around 1-3 minutes, then its going to drift away again.
    I was connected to around 7 satellites via GPS.
    First I was thinking that it has something to do with low temperatures (system-temperature displayed in the Android App was around 20°C, temperature outside was around 7-10°C), but i even tried it on warmer days with the sun shining: same Problem.

    Some other parameters:
    Roll Stiffness:35
    Shaky-cam Pan:0
    Shaky-cam Tilt:0
    Pan Smoothing:28
    Pan Stiffness:53
    Tilt Smoothing:15
    Tilt Stiffness:26
    Nikon D600 with 14-24 at 14mm, so not too heavy at all.

    I am sorry if it's just a small problem and I am basically to dump to use it right or this question is answered already.

    Cheers and Thanks!

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