Redrock - Short lens throw - Calibration issues

Discussion in 'MōVI M10' started by Gus Winkelman, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm racking my brain over here and cant seem to troubleshoot this lens issue.

    Camera: Red Epic W
    Gimbal: Movi M10
    Lens: Canon CN-E 14mm 3.1
    Movi Controller for Focus and camera control.

    Im using a RR FF unit paired through the Movi Controller on an M10 with the most up to date firmware.

    I can control the lens but will NOT get the full throw ( Infiniti - 8" ) even when I do a custom calibration set the in and out at respective distances. The most throw I can get is from Infiniti to about 2'.

    I've tried adjusting the torque speed, but it seems like the RR unit wont do more than 2 revolutions to hit the nearest focus distance.

    I have a shoot coming up on Monday and really want to get this fixed. I usually just have my AC adjust the motor so I can get the correct throw but then I lose the ability to focus at any distance I would like which is beyond infuriating.

    The weird part is when I connect my finger wheel focus controller I get full throw to infiniti and near with ease and no issues.

    Any input is greatly appreciated

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