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Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Hunter Johnson, Aug 9, 2020.

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    I recently purchased a Movi Pro. I was using a DSMC2 RED Gemini w/VLock I/O Expander trying to get RCP Data Pass through to the MOVI PRO and experienced some issues.

    RCP Pass through was enabled on the Camera.

    I was powering the Camera via the 12-14V Cam stage port using the MOVI Pro Batteries.

    I attempted using Firmware 1.5 however noticed that I wasn't getting any pass-through Camera Data displayed on the MOVI Pro so I switched to V2.0.10 and started receiving pass-through data.

    I haven't been able to adjust Camera Settings via the Movi Pro or Mimic. However, I was able to adjust the ISO on the RED GEMINI for about a minute while using V2.0.10 then lost all control only to have camera data settings displayed.

    I tried powering down the Movi Pro and RED Gemini multiple times as well as unplugging and replugging in cable with no luck besides the time I had control for about a minute.

    This is my first time using the Cable provided in the bundle.

    Any advice would be appreciated, Thank you.

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