Raven: New Sub-$6,000 Body From RED

Discussion in 'Cameras' started by Steve Maller, Sep 24, 2015.

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    I'm not a RED guy, partly because of the cost traditionally associated with a RED kit. So this news is interesting. Apparently RED are about to drop a new camera body called the Raven that Jared Land himself said will be $5,950 for the brain.

    Some more details here: https://www.cinema5d.com/red-raven-ready-entire-sub10k-market/

    Announcement is supposed to come this Friday Sep 25 2015. So what would this translate into for a working camera if the brain is $6000?
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    Just got officially announced.


    I wasn't super excited but now that it's confirmed it's shipping with ProRes options that's pretty impressive. I'll be diving deeper into this for sure now. Guessing after necessary accessories, you're probably looking at closer to $9-10k. They've already got a couple of different package options posted.
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