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Discussion in 'Cinestar 8' started by Zoran Petrovski, May 16, 2015.

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    Hi friends,

    We fly cinestar 8 with wookong m imu v2 420kv U7 tiger motors and movi m10 2x 16000mah batteriesin just for info. I saw one of the Steve Malle vimeo videos and he sad something that his friend with walkytalkye was near him and he get some interferience to his system: dron or fpv video (don't remember). I am thinking of buying radios so me and my crew can talk on the set. Do you have any experience with that. Is it safe to talk on some motorolas with the pilot and the camera crew? And on the fim set there are many radios working all the time.

    And my second questions is:
    Does someone have experience flying over wather. I am from Bulgaria and two years ago they shoot Expandebels 3 here. There were two or three different drone crews working on the film. I was just spectator. And two of the drones fell down in to the lake. Maybe they fly 3-10 meter over the water, I dident saw that divin accident. But I read a lot and there is some problems flying over water. If somone can advice us so we can be more confident about flying over water.

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    The interference I had was while using the UHF system I use on my long distance FPV quad. But any sufficently powerful radio can interfere with your system.

    My recommendation is that you do a very thorough radio check in each new location where you fly. I do so by powering up the copter and walking around the area with my transmitter where I intend to fly and having somebody watch the telemetry and downlink information for evidence of interference.

    As far as flying above water is concerned, the hazards there are mostly environmental, from things like salt spray and waves. Personally, I've never experienced any significant interference from the water so. And I have flown several very long range flights over water.
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    Zoran: I don't think water causes any problems with radio frequency signal propagation -- as Steve says, the big problems are purely environmental and the tendency for copter to sink. I don't know whether you have access to "pool noodles" (as they are called in the USA) -- these are flotation devices used to help kids learn to swim. See

    The hole in the center fits the Cinestar 8 boom quite nicely. You can use a serrated bread knife to cut them to length and use the colors to help orient the copter. You cut them longitudinally, fit them around the booms, and then use cable ties (a.k.a. zip ties) to hold them on to the boom. That way, if the copter should crash into the water, it will stay afloat.

    If you're flying over good fresh water, it is electrically non-conductive, but if it's sea water or fresh water with high amounts of minerals dissolved in it, the electronics and motors will be destroyed, but at least you will have saved the carbon fiber.


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