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Discussion in 'ALTA' started by Claudio Carvajal, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Hi all! I have a number of questions about the ALTA and I was hoping you could provide me the answers here at the forum.

    1. How does the Center Of Gravity tuning on the ALTA work? I've heard that there is no possibility to exactly put in the numbers where the center of gravity is located (like on the DJI A2). There's a big difference in for example carrying a Movi M5 with a BMPCC underneath or do a top mounted Movi M15 RED/ALEXA Mini. This should affect the characteristics of flight significantly. Is there a procedure you should follow when changing the center of gravity on the ALTA?

    2. Do the Synapse FC on the ALTA have a GPS mode like the DJI A2 where you can "park" the multirotor in the air and it will compensate for wind movement and remain stationary?

    3. When you connect two batteries to the ALTA, how does the current consumption on these occur? Does one battery get drained first and then the other, or does both batteries equally reduce their current? What happens if one battery fail in mid air then?

    4. Can you fly the ALTA in "full manual mode" (without any GPS assistance) and where there is no limit on the inclination the multirotor does when giving full stick forward/backwards.

    5. I've seen that you have the possibility to bind two receivers to a Futaba 14SG. What is the purpose with this?

  2. Mateusz Hajdziony

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    I don't have an ALTA but will answer most of your questions:

    1. I don't know

    2. Yes

    3. They work in parallel, so both are drained at the same time (they share the load)

    4. The 'most manual' mode on the ALTA is like ATTI but with manual throttle control. There's no 'acro' or 'rate' mode. So DJI A2 has the following:
    a. Full manual (like 'acro' or 'rate'), where you can flip the machine upside down
    b. ATTI (with automatic throttle control, a.k.a. altitude hold)
    c. GPS
    While the ALTA has:
    a. Semi manual mode (like 'level', similar to ATTI but with manual throttle control)
    b. Height hold (a.k.a. altitude hold, similar to DJI's ATTI where barometer is used for automatic altitude hold)
    c. GPS, which feels a bit different than DJI's implementation of GPS mode but otherwise it's pretty much the same (with DJI's GPS mode you will feel a bit more 'connected' to the machine, at least on the A2)

    5. Redundancy - there is a receiver diversity built into the Synapse, which will use the receiver that has a stronger signal at a given moment
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    Item 1 - not required by the user in the Alta. Unlike the A2 where the user can mount components in different locations that part of the equation is not user adjustable since it is a 'closed' system.

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