PLC Veracity Control Wheels FS (Mint Conidition)

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    Hey everyone -

    I've got a near-mint condition set of PLC Veracity Control Wheels for sale.

    It currently has a Spektrum transmitter on it (for MoVI) and comes with a cable to connect to a MoVI controller. You can easily change the transmitter to one for Ronin or Maxima. These are the only wheels that currently work with the ARRI Maxima.

    I bought these from Peter Barta last month for a feature and we ended up using a completely different tool! They have not seen a day on set with me and you can see Pete's previous post on the Steadicam Forum for his info too.

    • Pan and Tilt Veracity Control Wheels
    • Slice
    • Spektrum DM8 (for MoVI or any gimbal w/Spektrum receiver)
    • Spektrum AR7010
    • High Gain Antenna
    • Base Plate
    • 1x Wheel Connection Cable
    • 2x P-Tap Power Cables
    • 2x Spektrum Control Cable
    • 1x PLC Serial Data Cable
    • PLC / Pelican Storm Case w/Foam

    Cost is over $5000 new and has to come from Canada
    Asking for $3500, located in Los Angeles

    Please feel free to ask any questions!
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