Plates for the Alexa Mini to Movi Pro

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    HI all, I whipped up some plates to allow the 2 screws top and bottom to fit perfectly with the Alexa Mini. These plates would replace the MAP-1 plates and have captive screws included. 1/4 20 threads in the top and 3/8 in the bottom spaced to match the Movi Pro dovetails.


    Get in touch with me if you would like a pair. I'm looking at £320 for the pair. Next version will include front M3 screw holes for attaching the Freefly focus bracket on the front too. I've kept these simple as I think most Movi Pro owners already have both the dovetails and the focus mounting bracket rather than replacing the entire dovetails. They're small so easy to ship too. I'll include that for wherever they need to go. or get in touch through here.

    Sorry if this in inappropriate as a post. Just wanted to get these out there as they fill a need for myself in shooting and thought they might for others.


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