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Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by sebastian navarro, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I really liked the modularity on the new pilot fiz control modules. Also the fact that you can buy every module as needed. I may get the one for single focus axis control for now. I have some ideas that I ´d like to share. First an universal rec button that is accesible from every mimics screens all times. Maybe could be clicking twice the main mimic´s power button to start record and the same to stop as you do when you kill the motors in the movi. Another idea would be if there is a way maybe using the iPhone app connected to the mimic to input the focus scale on lenses and to be saved in the mimic so it can be recalled many times. Also to be able to see just big numbers as you move any fiz axis. Lets say you are moving the focus knob you see reflected on the mimic´s screen the focus scale in bigger way. And finally to have a bigger external battery to run the mimic longer hours. Usually you keep the focus controller on all times. Something that can be attached to the backbone botton, maybe an adapter plate to use canon lp-e6 batteries . Just random ideas. I hope somebody else could share their ideas on this.

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    When are you getting yours?

    I just power my mimic via usb from a vmount battery with a usb port on it. u can get an external battery and zip-tie it to your pilot backbone.

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