Parachute Systems?

Discussion in 'ALTA' started by Patrick Gailer, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Patrick Gailer

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Hello to all. Are any considering a chute system for safety? If so, I'd be interested to hear your options, especially considering integration with the Flight controller, and if it's possible to create a fully automated system (with manual override of course). Thanks in advance
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  2. Kyle Foley

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    Jul 4, 2015
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    Definitely considering one, not too sure what type of launcher to go with though. I'm eyeing the Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra 84" for a parachute option. On the FC automatic deployment, I would prefer one that is completely stand alone from everything just to prevent a possible false trigger. I'm not sure if there are mounting points on the Alta for a parachute system, but I bet someone could design a custom mount for a launching system in no time. Only issue i could possibly see mounting wise is if you have the gimbal top mounted, might get in the way of things... not sure. I'll have to see when I get mine if it's worth getting a parachute system.
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  3. Danielle de Leon

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    Jun 24, 2015
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  4. Jason Smoker

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    Oct 23, 2012
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    have a look a this thread

    there a few options out there but nothing really for heavy lifters above 6kg need to be fairly high up to stop decent and safely land. If you flying low below 20m i say by the time you get to the "oh crap moment" you probably almost crashed anyway then find switch to deploy it not worth the weight or time. Plus you need to get the parachute to deploy upwards and not get caught in the rotors when you deployed.

    possible maybe?
  5. Gary Haynes

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    Jul 6, 2012
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    If it needs to fire upwards then you have just eliminated 50% of the Alta capability since you wouldn't be able to top mount a MoVI.
  6. Fabien Deregel

    Jan 27, 2013
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    just go for a Rebelspace pyro system, you can initiate it with a RCD RC rocket launcher PCB and a separate small lipo + Futaba receiver.
    Attached is an example of how i did integrate one on a S900 for Live Drone in France (this machine did get authorization to fly in presence of the President of Republic).

    You can mount the system horizontal, here is a low altitude test in the worse possible conditions : 7 meters of cable from parachute to machine, horizontal mount , and pointing a bit to the ground...Yup it was.. close... :)

    And behind the scenes, because we all are big kids ( we could not resist testing the pyro system with Thomas from LiveDrone, it costed me a fix to the ceiling.... :D )

    You must use limited length of cable ( 3 meters around) to get a faster deployment, and pyro will work with no problems in horizontal position so you can make a very simple battery tray + parachute system on the quick release.

    If someone can come here with an alta, i can make the parachute installation and test for sure lol !!!! (OK i'd just like to test fly an Alta some day, i only flew the beta synapse board on smaller frames in the past...)

    More seriously, it would be very easy to make a modified battery tray with a support for the Rebelspace parachute systems, they have everything you need up to 50 kg... But a very strong anchor going through the frames is necessary as when the parachute deploys, it puts out pretty hard on the mechanics...

    Anyway, here is what you need to make your DIY system :

    - A RCD 303 Rc Rocket / relay switch. You can put red leds, buzzer, and ignite the pyrotechnical system with it
    - A Futaba 3 channels Fasst / Fasstest receiver ( depending on what receiver you have on the Alta, or any other receiver or separate channel available of you do not need fully autonomous system)
    - A simple power switch for more safety between the pyro system and the ignition system ( RC 303)
    - A rebelspace pyrotechnical or peregrine RDRS system
    - A small 800 mAh Lipo, 5 C minimum ( the RCD 303 is only sending 0,5 second power in the electronic match of pyro system)
    - A home made support for the parachute pod system.. :)
    - A bit of time...

    best regards,

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