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    Birds Eye Productions would like to present to you our latest show reel. This is a small collection of shots from our different shoots over the last 11 months. This is just a small sample of what we have done and what we can do. There were a wide range of cameras used in this reel along with many different lenses.
    Cameras Used:
    Red Epic Dragon
    Red Epic
    Canon 1D-C
    Canon 5DMKIII
    Canon 6D
    Canon 7D

    Lenses ranged from:
    12mm-85mm from Rokinon, Canon, ARRI, and Zeiss.

    A few of the shots are with out 85mm Rokinon at a 1.4x crop which puts it closer to 120mm.
    90% of these shots were done using our MoVI camera gimbal. None of the MoVI shots have been stabilized in post including the 85mm shots.

    Clients in this reel include:
    Arizona Public Service
    Salt River Project
    History Channel
    International Air Response
    Leisure Travel Vans
    Phoenix Childrens Hospital
    San Francisco Giants MLB World Series Team
    And More.

    Color Correction done by Crash @ Salt Digital Media in Phoenix AZ
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    Nice stuff Josh. Camera operator is outstanding :)

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