New Premiere User (a.k.a. goodbye FCP X)

Discussion in 'Software Solutions' started by Steve Maller, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Going to move myself lock, stock and barrel over to Premiere. Had a major snafu with a project on FCP this week, and after talking to a friend at Apple, I’m convinced the Premiere is the way to go. So a few quick questions for y’all...

    I’ve played a little with Warp Stabilizer in Premiere. It looks way better than FCP’s stabilizer, even just with the default settings. Is there a difference between using it in AE or Premiere? Obviously it’d be simpler to stay in Premiere.

    Also, I noticed that background analysis seems to be a single-threaded process. On both of my machines (4-core and 8-core) it’ll utilize all cores for export, but only one for analysis. Is there a way to force the background analysis to be foreground and/or use more resources? This is on a Mac with CS6 on MacOS 10.9 Mavericks.
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    EDIT: Ooops. Just realize that you're talking about saying goodbye to FCP X, whereas I'm talking about FCP 7. No need for me to say goodbye to FCP X as I never bothered to say hello.

    One major shortcoming with Premiere comes if you want to get a listing of the various clips in a sequence by name, in, out and duration. You can do it, but you cannot export it outside the world of Adobe for, say, putting into an Excel spreadsheet to hand to a client with the exported video from a sequence (because they don't have Premiere). FCP can be used with a program called Sequence Clip Reporter that does this just fine (even creates the .xls file for you).

    So, for my work, where I do a rough cut to hand over to another editor who uses Avid, Premiere is, sadly, not the way to go because I also need to hand over a "directory" of what clips are where on the master XDCAM file that I'm handing over. Which probably means I'm on Snow Leopard forever as I gather Mountain Lion has issues (causes banding) when used with the Radeon 5870 video cards -- something about the way that the GPUs are used.

    I used the Lock'n'Load stab in FCP, but I also hear lots of good things about Pr's Warp.

    Can't answer your question regarding forcing Pr to use all the cores.

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    Steve there isn't a difference on the Warp. Either way is fine.
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