New 1A Tools Movi Adjustable Handle Clamp

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    Use these Clamps with your existing Movi Handles to quickly and tool-less-ly adjust them on the fly. The adjustable lever provides easy leverage to keep your handles from slipping. Internal threads are high quality stainless steel to ensure high strength and a long lifetime.

    After locking down, the adjustable lever can be swiveled out of the way.

    Works with the current Freefly handle design for M10/M15. Early generation handles with plastic on top will not work.

    Remove your existing handle from your Movi, setting the small M3 bolts asside, you will need them.

    Using the same M3 bolts, attach the Movi Adjustable Handle Clamp to the top of your handles.

    Slide them on to your Movi top bar and tighten the adjustable lever. You’re good to go.

    Dimensions: 66mm (H) x 36mm (W) x 31mm (L)
    Clamp Inside Diameter: 25mm
    Weight: 50 grams
    Tie Downs Holes: Counterbored for M3

    2 - Movi Adjustable Handle Clamp w/ Adjustable Lever

    More to come in the next couple weeks!
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    Hey Connor, I just got my set of these Tool-Less Handles this morning. They're awesome!! Thanks for shipping them so quickly.

    I'm really looking forward to having these on set. So many times, I need to adjust the orientation of the handles for one reason or another -- going inverted, or going dual operator and need to shoot off to the side. If you're in a hurry, It's a pain in the butt to have to pull out the tools to adjust the handles. I've been wanting tool-less handles ever since I got the M15.

    I particularly like the design. I was worried about the locking lever getting in the way of my Ready Rig straps, but they're not huge and they can be swung out of the way however I like. They look very stylish, too, and the grip seems even more secure than with the M3 bolts that were with the Freefly design.

    Nice work!

    PS -- I know this sounds like I'm fawning over his product, but this is a genuine, unsolicited response. I saw Connor's post, ordered the handle adapters yesterday, and literally received them this morning. I really like them and I also like his Movi Tripod adapter, which sometimes comes in very handy on set. Just last week, I wanted tool-less handles because at the last minute before we were to shoot something, I wanted to adjust the handles but the director was in a rush and we didn't have time to get out the tool. These would have been so nice to have.


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