Need Help twitch and drift with Mimic on Jib

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Ryan Forte, May 14, 2017.

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    So 1A basically told you that in Fixed Mount, it won't drift. With no Heading Assist, it will drift a little.

    I know they have worked together with the engineers at Freefly to get their product to work and to improve the stability of the interface.

    Reading back, are you using a Movi Pro or M15? This is a thread in the Movi Pro section of the Forum, so I assumed you were discussing the Pro, but if you're using the M15, then the Mimic you're using is the Mimic Beta, which is different than the Mimic Pro. Both of them have issues with drifting that has been discussed at length here, but I think it's important to say there's a difference between Mimic Beta and Mimic Pro. Solutions for drifting in one system may be different than the other.
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    They say that theoretically Fixed Mount would stop it, but really "We can confirm when we look at the code that the movi thinks it is stationary when it is actually drifting" so... they say the drift is a Movi problem and u basically can not do nothing about it to eliminate it (just all the "standard"procedures to reduce it)... Yep, maybe the solutions are different for Mimic and MimicBeta, but as Freefly officially commented:

    "Most Freefly products use MEMS sensors which have pros and cons. The pros are they are very small, lightweight, and inexpensive. The Cons are that they can drift, are not immune to shock / vibration, and are not as precise as higher end gyros like Fiber Optic or Laser Ring Gyros. A properly functioning, well calibrated, and properly initialized Freefly product that uses a MEMS sensor is expected to drift up to 3 degrees/minute."

    So either Mimic or Mimic Beta (and the Alpha Wheels) suffers for this problem that we can not solve, there are not SOLUTIONS, there are ways to mitigate the problem. And again, in my opinion is just a MAJOR BUG of the system that Freefly would be very very welcome to SOLVE for all of us.

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    I agree the drift is frustrating, but I do think the price-point of the pro would qualify it as entry level remote head. It performs as such for quite a few of us, if not a little better. For $10,000 with alpha wheels or movi controler, i dont get much drift, none sometimes. I usually have to be incredibly careful during setup to eliminate drift totally.

    Drift trim is definitely needed asap though, or market is ripe for competitor (that doesnt weigh as much as ronin 2).

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