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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Nick Swartzendruber, Jan 31, 2015.


Do you trust the DJI WKM in an X8 Configuration?

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  1. Nick Swartzendruber

    Nick Swartzendruber New Member

    Jan 31, 2015
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    Hey Guy's i'm new here, but have been in the aerial cinematography industry for the past 4 years. Im in sort of a conundrum with my Vulcan X8 and would love some advice.

    Im running the SuperX FC, which im sure most know that it doesnt have the ideal tuning parameters for an X8 config. I love the SuperX's reliability, but know theres something better out there for flight performance. In windy conditions the SuperX isnt ideal and I need to move on. I just wanted to get the WKM + X8 users advice and input on how reliable it is and overall feeling about it. I plan on flying a c500 at some point so would also like to hear how the WKM runs with a 30-40lb AUW X8.

    Specs of my Rig:
    Vulcan X8
    400kv motor swinging 15x5 top and 16x5.4 bottom
    FC: SuperX
    AUW with Gimbal and GH4: 17lbs

    I really appreciate everyones input and look forward to finding a resolution to my problem.

    Thanks Again,
  2. Shaun Stanton

    Shaun Stanton Active Member

    Oct 27, 2012
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    I know this is an old question. I am flying WKM on an X8. It's the best flying machine I have had so far since flying mk on a flat 8. It will fly the current setup fine with the exception of possibly your prop combination. I get 18 min at AUW 10 pounds around with a 10000mAh battery. I have flown it with a Ronin gimbal and GH4. It flies for 6 min with a weight of 26 pounds total. As with your question on 30+. With a coaxial you most likely will need a larger system. Probably an 8S bird at a minimum. You will have to drop the voltage down for the WKM. My thought is that 25 pounds is probably the max weight give or take a pound with a Coaxial 6S setup and proper ESC's and motors. High amp ESC's may allow you to go upto 30 Pounds alot of that weight will be batteries, you will need two 10,000 in parallel to get any flight time out of it. You can expect the system to really be sucking power. I fly with both top and bottom 16X.08 Xoar wood props. I find that the wood props with the heavier mass at the hub seems to work better than a light CF prop. The inertia helps the low KV motor keep momentum which helps the motor from having to use electrical force to counter the prop drag. I am going to try a slightly finer pitch prop at the top but keeping the length the same to see if I get a little better performance and post the results later.

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