Music Video Shot entirely on Movi Pro

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    I directed and shot a music video for JAGMAC; a pop group comprised of six siblings who were recently named Disney's Next Big Thing! I present...

    JAGMAC - Right Back With You

    Some quick facts:
    • Shot in 2 days, entirely on the Movi Pro and Canon c200b.
    • Also shot in a 2° Celsius warehouse in Baltimore. Very tough.
    • We fastened RGB light strips to different pillars for the light effects.
    • We used Photoshop and an iPad to animate frame by frame for the drawn effects.
    • Used the C200's autofocus for all shots. No focus pull. (This was tough in low lighting)
    Let me know if you have any questions on how we pulled this off! It was my first major project with the Movi Pro so I learned a lot through the course of the production.

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    This is very cute and fun, and works well with the song and the artist attitude/flavour. Lost of charming little ideas in the anims.

    1 - Were you single-op or dual?

    2 - Did you pre-plan the anims or figure them out after the edit was done?

    3 - Why an iPad and not a desktop ?

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