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Discussion in 'MōVI XL' started by Aiden Bell, Jul 31, 2020.

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    Hello Movi users. Im am helping a friend set up a prevously owned Movi XL. Its in good condition but im experiencing some problems and i think its the firmware. I am using the XL with Movi controller and Alpha Wheels.
    1: For some reason the app will find the heads BT but not connect. I tried it both with the Pro and BETA app.
    2: I have noticed that the signal keeps dropping. I will kill the head on the controller so the motors are not armed. But if it looses connection it will arm the motors again according the the heads desplay "Arm Motors".
    3: After blancing and tuning via the controller. When opperating the head with the joystick it will almost do its own thing panning, tilting and rolling by itself.

    I think this is mainly firmware but i need more clear clarification on the different software available for the XL. Should i be running BETA or Blackjack or are they the same thing?
    FYI - The heads set up with usally be on a ULTRA arm tracking vecicle once operable.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated
    Thank You
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    AIden: Sorry to hear about the issue you're having. This forum is primarily intended for dialogue between Freefly's customers, not as a primary means of getting technical support from Freefly -- for that you need to open up a ticket with Freefly Support and the best way of doing that is to head over to

    That said, when their workload permits, I do know that Freefly technical support will occasionally review some of the threads on the forum, but opening up a ticket really is the optimal way to get support.

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