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    since i can only dream right now. . .what are y'all gonna do?

    on gimbal
    Movi Pro with ring and landing gear
    x2 Heden Focus and Zoom + cables
    SDI Paralinx arrowx transmitter
    smallhd dp4

    Camera movement control
    MIMIC with Para arrow receiver and vmount battery handle mounted
    -mounted on a low-capacity fluid head(a la greg and Wolf. . thanks!), with 7 inch monitor on separate tripod (Does the quality of this monitor matter? just needs to interface with wireless monitoring system and not be laggy right?) powered by dtap from vmount.
    -or handheld like normal

    Camera FIZ, movement control

    Movi controller with para receiver on vmount
    smallhd 702 bright/oddessey 7q+ (depending on needs) powered by dtap from v mount.

    Client/Producer viewing
    17 inch or larger monitor with para arrow receiver
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