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Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by David Burgess, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Has anyone had any problems with the bolt that connects the securing lever on the female part of the TITH system?...I have just had one fail (it broke as I was closing it....probably 2 years old on a MoVi Pro) and I had thought to expedite the replacement that I should quickly take a lever and screw from another female TITH ...I removed the lever and screw and tried to insert in to the one that had had the broken lever way to get the screw to find purchase and screw in...tried to put it back in to its original female TITH and had the same way to get the screw to find purchase!!! have tried the screw outside in a spare nut and it goes on damage to its threads...not sure how Freefly get the lever and screw to attach in the first place...also have found after having to remove the female TITH and remount that some of the screws that attach the base to the top plate of the MoVi pro will not lock in (ie it just endlessly spins and does not tighten) now I have only 2 that lock down and 2 that keep spinning!!
    Never had any issues with TITH system before!
    Any ideas would be gratefully received!!
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    Hmm. That's the first report I've seen of that. I'd suggest, if you've not already done so, you open up a ticket with Freefly Support at


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