Movi pro roll keeps resetting

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Michael Izquierdo, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Michael Izquierdo

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    Jan 29, 2017
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    after I left go of roll stick on futaba instead of leaving roll where it last was, the roll automatically levels itself. Is there a way to turn this off ?
  2. Andy Johnson-Laird

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    Jul 31, 2012
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    Hi Michael:
    I assume that your roll control the factory default left stick moved left/right?

    If that's the case you can try reducing the spring tension that centers the left stick in the left-right axis. See page 17 of the Futaba 8FG manual, right hand column, Adjustment of stick lever tension. I've never done this, but I think you can reduce the stick tensioning springs so that if you move the left stick to the left, or to the right, it will not re-center.

    Please post again if that works for you.

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