Movi Pro Kit For Sale: TB50/55 Battery Plate, Mimic, Gamepad Mode, Focus Motor & Thumb Controller

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    For sale is my Freefly MoVI Pro Kit (haven't used since last servicing). I don't use this nearly as much as I use to. Hoping it goes to someone who can give it the same amount of love that I use to. Email me if interested:

    The kit includes 6 movi batteries as well as the Freefly TB50/55 battery adapter if you want to power the gimbal using DJI's TB50/55 batteries (I have 6x TB50 batteries & charger, used once, I could include for another $900 or $150 per battery).

    Also included is the DJI solo operator focus system to pull your own focus using DJI's focus motor attached to their thumbwheel. Super easy to setup as well.

    Additionally included is the Freefly mimic with the Sony PS4 controller to enable gamepad mode which allows you to remote operate the gimbal. Great for use with the Toad on a stick or mounting the Movi Pro to the ninja star (both included) when you want to utilize the rig as a remote head.

    I've also included a toolbox which contains screws, rods and the two hex keys that originally came with the kit.

    Everything will be contained within the Jason Cases Movi Pro compact case. (

    Here is a list of the kit with everything included itemized:
    1x Movi Pro
    1x Jason Cases Compact Movi Pro Case
    1x Freefly Mimic
    1x Toad on a Stick
    1x Freefly TB50/55 Battery Adapter Plate
    6x Movi batteries
    3x Movi battery chargers
    1x PS4 Controller (gamepad mode with mimic)
    1x Ninja Star w/ Toad in the Hole
    1x Classic handle bar with Toad Male Adapter & Handle
    1x bush pilot
    1x Low Profile Handle
    1x DJI thumbwheel
    1x DJI Focus Motor
    1x DJI Focus Motor to DJI Thumbwheel

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    Hello, is it still available?
    What price are you asking?

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