Movi Pro Handheld Bundle in Jason Case for sale

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    I have a Movi Pro Bundle that has been used less than a dozen times. When I got it, it came in that monster flight case that freefly provided. Travelled with that once and it was so hard to wrangle. I bought a Jason Case for it, which is awesome.
    I have 4 batteries BUT, as with many people and as you've probably read, I've had a lot of trouble with the batteries. 2 of the 4 are maybe ok but they randomly go critical and so when I use the Movi, I rent batteries. That said, I've read about people reconditioning them but it involved opening them up and having a device that does it. Never had the time or inclination for that.
    Of course, I won't be including batteries in the cost.
    I'm selling for $4750 plus whatever shipping is. I'm in the Bay Area. Local transaction only.
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