Movi pro Aerial bundle

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    Jan 4, 2015
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    including the Mōvi Pro, Mōvi Pro Landing Gear, MIMIC controller, 5 batterys, a fake battery with D-tap cable, 2 Battery Charger, a toad and case It has MōVI Pro COM to Futaba Cable, and modified antenna that can get better single from minic ( 500~700m in direct mode)
    Shipping free for worldwide
    Asking for $4000USD
    please mail:

    243469288_4581947001867283_6124133937594992206_n.jpg 243730878_4581946681867315_2874177449907151504_n.jpg 244182181_4581946785200638_677367255717076171_n.jpg 243934199_4581946358534014_4383043570413080171_n.jpg

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