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Discussion in 'Software Solutions' started by Semiond mathieu, Aug 31, 2016.

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    I have succefully update to akira 5.0.1. I'm just wondering why in the update softawere i have different file (please check photo) other than the 5.0.1 bin. Do i have to do something with or its for other product ?


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    Hi Semiond.

    Technically, the latest 'Release' version of the Akira\Movi Firmware is 5.0.2, but it must have just recently been updated. I had 5.0.1 on mine, too.

    Do you have a Mimic? You also have to update the Firmware on your Mimic to 1.4.1, if you have one, in order to take advantage of the new Akira Firmware. The main cool feature is the 'double tap to kill', where you can double-tap the Pan-Hold button and the Movi will stay on but the Motors will be in Kill mode.

    If you don't know how to update the Mimic (I found it a little confusing at first), this is done similar to the way you update the Movi. Turn your Movi off, so it doesn't confuse you, and turn on your Mimic. Go into your Bluetooth settings and Pair your tablet with the Mimic. Then open the Movi App, and connect to the Mimic. The app will look similar to the Movi, but will have a few different controls. Here you can do a Firmware Update, the same as with the Movi, but you'll install the Mimic Firmware 1.4.1 instead of the Movi firmware.

    So that's why you have those other Firmwares in there.

    I'm actually not sure what the difference between the RTOS_enc and FW files are, though. Mine come in as MoVI_FW_v5.0.1. The older ones came in as RTOS_enc_v.

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