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    I am making a new thread because no one seemed to have my symptoms. Up until this point The Movi has worked perfectly, and we have been using a Sony a6300 on it with a 50mm prime. No problems that couldn't be tuned out and fixed easily. I tried to boot it up earlier today out where we were shooting, and it threw 5 errors.
    This is the error screenshots from my phone. (android)
    Screenshot_20170101-170616[1].png Screenshot_20170101-170619[1].png Screenshot_20170101-170622[1].png Here are the thumbnails, if these don't work, tell me and Ill host on dropbox.
    The batteries are not the issue, unless 4 separate batteries at 2 houses and 3 different rooms all got contaminated the exact same way to have .3 volts. The Imu/calibration/accelerometer/gyro error cycles through the different ones, and the rest stays the same. Under the other tabs, I get these screens.
    Screenshot_20170101-171756[1].png Screenshot_20170101-171808[1].png
    I have tried default config but nothing changed. I have not tried resetting the firmware completely. It seems like a hardware error to me, nothing seemed loose or jiggling. I do have the controller receiver unplugged from the box, as the cord got severed. I don't think this would have caused a problem, but It is worth mentioning. I do not use the spektrum satellite receiver very much, as we use the Movi mostly handheld. The spektrum receiver is used with a Frsky taranis and an orange rx tx. They have not been used together in weeks. The cord for the receiver itself was pretty mangled, with the wires definitely touching. I don't think this could have fried the entire controller, but who knows.
    Any ideas? Was really looking forward to filming the next week of storms in norcal.
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    Sounds like some serious hardware issues -- you might want to call and/or email to -- they might be able to walk you through some procedure that corrects the issues...


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