movi m5 App no longer works with iOS

Discussion in 'MōVI M5' started by Jason Smoker, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Jason Smoker

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    Oct 23, 2012
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    After updating software on my iPhone to the app says that I am connected to the Wi-Fi but wont send any data through. The app worked great before the update but I would love it If MōVI would continue to support their slightly older products.

    Can we get a update please??
  2. Ash Warren

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    Dec 7, 2021
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    Hey Jason!

    I’m having the same issue, apparently the IOS app no longer works at all with the wifi adapter if you are running IOS 14.0 or later.

    Even on IOS 16.0 I am able to connect to the wifi adapter in my settings but I am unable to connect to the MōVI through the app.

    Freefly has had issues with their MōVI apps on IOS for the past few years apparently. I am however still able to connect to my MōVI using the inbuilt Bluetooth and a MAC. Other users are still using older Android tablets with a reasonable success rate.

    Hope this helped!

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