MoVi M15 with improved powering system + transport case EU area 750€

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    I am selling our MoVI M15 because our RED fits Ronin RS3 Pro as a stripped down version.

    We have upgraded the powering system to use 4S 5000mAh GensAce Tattu Lipos.

    With these lipos Movi and Red/Alexa Mini work much longer and also in subzero temperatures. Two lipos in good condition are included but may need ground shipping. Included are also MoVI / RED and Movi / Alexa Mini power cables that power both the MoVi and the cameras.

    Finally included is a very tough metal/plywood transport case where M15 can be transported in ready to shoot mode.
    You just have to pick the MoVi up from the case, power it and start filming.

    This unit also has the Freefly wifi adapter, so you can configure the MoVI with an iPhone for example.

    I am happy to ship this at least to EU area. Shipping outside EU is also possible but can be a little pricey with the transport case.

    Price 750€ + shipping

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