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    I'm using a Movi M10 with a Canon C100II and Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. All in all about 4.7 pounds.

    I get a tilt wobble with my footage, as if the stiffness is not set high enough, but any higher and there is vibrations. The camera is perfectly balanced, or at least, it holds at every position my hand can put it.

    So here are my questions:
    1) Does tilt stiffness sound correct at around 18 for the Movi M10 for this setup, weighing about 4.7 pounds? This seems low to me, and I feel if I could get it higher (to like 30), the footage would be smoother, but I can't seem to without vibrations.

    2) The filter output for the tilt parameter is at 1. This is how the app set it originally. When I set the filter output to a very high number of 20+, I can get the tilt stiffness a lot higher up, to like 40. Is this a solution, or is having the filter output that high a problem of it's own?

    Thank you! I've tried so many things and am definitely lost at this point.

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