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    Hi Freefly community

    So I've owned an M10 for sometime now, and have been VERY happy with the results. This particular Movi does not have the full cage, and I flip between a Canon MKIII with 16-35mm and a RED Dragon with similar lens.
    I was pretty used to tuning for different weights and always had a great experience, however lately ive been finding the footage a bit rough with the 5D. I then began fiddling with "expert settings" and I feel ive really croaked my settings.
    I even went back to look at footage awhile back where I was running and jumping from rock to rock with a trail runner and the footage is incredible. Now just running up my driveway gives me footage that looks rough, has a jitter to it.
    Ive started a table comparing my settings, but nothing resembles what I was getting previously. Firmware is all the latest 5.0.2 when I use the iOS app v2.1 it says im running firmware V5.0 but when I use the OS app is says im running 5.0.2
    Ive autotuned at 50% and 70% [I believe 50% is used without the cage] and tweaked from there but still I seem to see every step that I take, no matter how funny I make my walk, being my back and my legs.
    Hold Strength settings are all 8 and the Gyro filter is set to 9, with Output filter set to 3. Ive tried a variety of combinations of this, with my best results at 1 and 1.
    Balance is good, with all motors registering about 1-2% when resting on the stand.

    If anyone can throw some advice my way I would be so stoked! feel like ive been wasting days trying to get back to what I used to get a few months ago.
    Thanks a mill

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