Movi Cinematic Robot discontinued

Discussion in 'Movi Technical' started by Stefan Timm, Feb 21, 2021.

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    Jun 3, 2018
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    While there is certainly no obligation to do so, it might still be nice to understand the reasoning that led to the MCR being discontinued. But even without Freefly telling us about that in their communication, I can guess that there is too much competition for consumer gimbals, iPhones get better in stabilizing with every generation and all this contributed to their business case never becoming reality.

    Despite this announcement I have no plans to sell mine off, hope to be able to use it with my iPhone 12 Pro Max and any future iPhone without any problems (I do also own the new counterweight with the XL weight set). I also own a DJI Osmo Mobile 3, but more as a backup gimbal in case the Movi is too big and heavy.

    I wish Freefly all the best with their professional equipment. I personally believe that focus is the critical success factor number 1 for corporations, so I certainly understand what they had to do. It is unfortunate that they didn't want to or were able to sell it to someone who could have turned the Movi into a profitable business.
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    With the new iPhones 12's out there with the Mag Safe connector, I can imagine a Cinema Robot 2 incorporating it to address the issue with ultra wide lenses.
    Maybe Freefly could license out the current design with another manufacturer for a consumer products line.

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