Movi App - recording Slow Motion in Majestic Mode?

Discussion in 'Movi Beta App' started by Laura Conover, Feb 28, 2019.

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    Hey there Movi Fans,
    A few weekends ago, I went to the Chinese New Year Parade in Boston to catch some footage of the lion dances. On reviewing the footage today, the vast bulk of it appears to have been captured in slow motion mode, even though I'm 99.999% sure I had kept my Movi in Majestic Mode for those shots. Has anyone had a similar experience where the Movi Beta app recorded slow motion when you thought you were recording in full speed?

    Or is there a new setting somewhere that I might have accidentally triggered?
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    Laura, it sounds like you were recording at a frame rate higher than 24/30fps. Frame rate is not dictated by Movi Mode, as it can be adjusted to supported rates in any mode.

    Try playing the footage back in your camera roll to see if it plays back as you expect. The iOS camera plays 60fps footage back at 60fps (real time, not slow motion), where the Movi app plays back footage at your Base Frame rate of 24fps (or 30fps if you've changed it in the Movi app).

    If you do end up wanting the 60fps footage you captured with the Movi app to play back at 24 or 30fps for a slow motion effect, outside of the Movi app, you'll need to edit the playback speed in a video editing app. iMovie on your iOS device uses a speed slider if edit the clip. If you slide it half way (1/2x) from "normal" to the Turtle, you will see playback at half speed, or 30fps (slow motion).
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