MOVI app for the Freefly Movi gimbal refuses to save in h.264 codec

Discussion in 'Software Solutions' started by Laurent Ballmann, Sep 14, 2019.

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    On my iPhone XS there is an option to record your videos in the "High Efficiency" way which is saving your footage in HEVC / h.265 the other option is the "Most Compatible" way which is saving your footage in h.264 (known for smoother editing).

    Now even though my iPhone is set on the Most Compatible option, when I record a video in the MOVI app it will always save it in h.265 codec. Very annoying, I have tried all settings, different framerates, different resolution etc... MOV-files in H.265 codec footage is the worst for editing and haven't found a way around this. I always need to convert them to h.264 with a third party software to be able to edit them without problems on Premier Pro.

    I contacted the support team and they said it should work if it's set on Most compatible setting, but it just doesn't, does anyone have noticed this problem? Or have you found a work around? Let me know please.

    I'm having this problem for a long time now, no software update from MOVI or apple has resolved the problem. On another videorecording app I am not having this problem.

    SUMMARY: the MOVI app refuses to save footage in h.264 instead does it in HEVC eventhough all settings of the phone are right.

    Sorry if this was posted in the wrong menu/ thread.

    Kind regards

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