Moms on the Run 2014

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    My family started Moms on the Run 14 years ago in Reno, NV to raise money for women with breast cancer. To date, we've given back $3,000,000 all right here in Reno. 98% of all money raised goes back to women who need financial support during cancer treatment for things like rent, car payments, utility bills, etc. My brother and I shot this on our M5/GH3/14-42mm.

    This year we had over 5,000 participants on Mothers Day. In case you're wondering, that guy with the pink wig, large "chest" and pink dress - that's my dad. He goes nothing short of overboard when dressing in pink for this great cause!

    This was literally out of the box - broke the seal, quickly balanced in the back of my Jeep and grabbed some shots. All shot in Majestic mode. In less than 20 minutes we were grabbing shots. We've now had some time to tune and perfect, its coming along even better now.

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    Great story...both the one about using the Movi right out of the box and Moms on the Run.
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