MK 2.5 alt hold issue on coax setup! SOLUTION

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Mihkel Kuningas, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Hello! Many of us have problems with altitude hold on coax setup. Allso the same problem exist on DJI users. The copter drops after foward or back flight or not holding altitude. Seems that the problem is caused by the false barometric sensor readyng which are affected by propeller wind OR low pressure ´´bag´´ when moving forward and tilted DJI SAMPLE: . I came up with idea to connect 3mm hose to barometer and move it to some other place. I tested many places but for my best place was inside of boom. I would like to run some more tests inside of retracts. - The solution makes copter much more stable and it holds altitude much better but still this is not perfect - seems that the air pressure is measured with delay - when using hose.
    I think the problem is solved after i resolder barometer from board and move it inside of the boom - then it can measure air pressure directly. 20151111_201748_resized_1.jpg 20151115_100704_resized.jpg
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    That looks like a good "gust filter" solution.


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